Factors Effecting Consumer Purchase Intention: Live Streaming Commerce

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Dr. Ghulam Rasool Lakhan, et. al.


The form of live streaming e-commerce brings a more intuitive and vivid shopping experience to the consumer's name. The total transaction amount continues to increase, gradually becoming a new growth driver for e-commerce platforms in Pakistan. The study adopts an empirical research method by considering and summarizing the previous research results and the current development of e-commerce live streaming.  Based on the stimulus-organism-response (S-0-R) model, perceived value, and other theories, a consumer purchase intention model in the e-commerce live streaming context is established.  Live stimuli such as entertainment and opinion leaders were used as independent variables. Organismic responses, such as trust, perceived functional value and perceived emotional value, were used as intermediate variables.  Consumer purchase intention was used as the dependent variable. This study's measurement scale was designed based on established scales, and 512 valid questionnaires were collected through a questionnaire. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS 23 and SMART-PLS 3.0. The outcomes indicated that the two antecedent variables of opinion leader and entertainment positively affect trust, perceived functional value and perceived emotional value, and the degree of influence is very significant. The higher the quality of the live e-commerce content, the stronger the opinion leader, i.e.  the anchor. The more entertaining the live broadcast, the stronger the degree of consumer trust, perceived functional value and perceived emotional value.

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