Improving HOT Skills of Elementary School Students by Implementation of PBL in Distance Learning

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Takiddin, Fasli Jalal, Amos Neolaka


Social Science Education (in Indonesia so called Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (IPS)) learning at Islamic elementary school (in Indonesia so called Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI)) has taught more about how students are able to write, read, and memorize concepts rather than in the development of students' higher order thinking skills (HOTS). In order to enhance students’ HOTS skills, the Project Based Learning (PBL) Model learning efforts were implemented in class V MI students. The subjects of this study were 162 students who came from three different schools of MI in South Tangerang City, Indonesia. The method used in this research is a quasi-experimental method. The research data were obtained by using the essay test instrument for students' high-order thinking skills in social studies learning, interviews, questionnaires, and observations. The results showed that there was an important alteration in the improvement of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) between students who studied using the online Project Based Learning Model in the experimental class and control class students who studied using conventional learning methods . The main processes that significantly affected the increase in the HOTS of MI students in the experimental class were (1) In this online PBL activity, the teacher began the class by asking essential questions and (2) During project implementation that required students to seek information from books, websites, and conducting interviews with local communities to finalize project activities.

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