Child Tracking System Using Zigbee Network

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M. S. J. Karthika, et. al.


Violence towards children has recently risen at unprecedented rates all over the world, and it is beyond time for schools to provide a safe support system for pupils. This paper aims to discuss the introduction of a children's trailing scheme for each child who attends faculty. Present programs, however, are unable to deter child abuse since they only provide knowledge about the children, the youngster, and the kids' cluster, rather than an actual child, leaving parents with a poor sense of trust in their child's well-being. They frequently neglect to realize the value of detecting a child's cry and telling its parents daily. The suggested system would include a kid toddler, a baby module, and one receiver module for periodically gathering data on the missing boy. The international positioning system of the nodemcu controller is included in the child module. GPS was used to calculate the children's position, which was then sent to the local host server method. The microcontroller is linked to a parent handheld Wi-Fi device. In this project, we created an IP address. When the parent scans, the IP address of the child's location is shown on the webpage. If the address is not shown on the tab, it means the child was not at home. We attached another future to the kid's panic button in this experiment: if the kid pushes the panic button twice, the buzzer circuit would begin to blast until the panic button is activated.

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