Role of School Principals in Promoting Academic and Behavioural Performance of Students

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Dr. Muhammad Yunas, et. al


The study analyzed the role of principals in promoting academic and behavioral performance of students in government boys’ high schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Enhancement of students’ achievement is related to proper learning environment, effective classroom practices, continuous assessment, and academic standards as well as monitoring of learning outcomes of students. The principal is instrumental in setting a proper school climate that includes consideration of safety measures, committed staff, good discipline and availability of needed human, physical and financial resources. The dangers posed to the school environment include the occasional threat posed by some deviant students to the lives and safety of other students, when they resort to violence and vandalism, resulting in the destruction of school property, or when they are discovered in possession of weapons, disrupting the otherwise school environment. Here, the role of principal in relation to students becomes important and risky because he has to protect the school climate from all these and many other dangers to the smooth discipline and good environment of the school. Principals are expected in their role to restore good order, maintain proper discipline and bring improvement in school functioning in such a way that they contribute to students’ better outcomes.

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