The Effects of Learning Foreign Language on the Development of Linguistic Abilities of Iraqi Autistic Children: A Psycholinguistic Study

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Prof. Dr. Balqis I. G. Rashid, Amina Abdul Hasan Brism


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It shows an imbalance in social interaction, characterized by repetition of certain behavioral patterns and challenges in verbal and nonverbal communication with others. Over the last few decades, its prevalence showed a dramatic rise; an observation that encouraged many researchers across the world to try to explore all its aspects and find the best ways of the treatment of persons who have autism. The current study investigates the effects of learning foreign language (which is English language in the present study) on the development of the linguistic abilities of Iraqi autistic children.  This study consists of five sections: the preliminaries (which present the fundamentals of the study), the second section is the theoretical background (which states the theoretical bases of the study), the third section is the methodology and data collection (which present the basic parts of the experiment), the fourth section is the results and their analysis (which show the outcomes of the experiment in every linguistic area and their analysis), finally chapter five offers the conclusions which could be drawn from the results.

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