Pragmatic Study of Deictic Expressions in Political Debates: Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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Dr. Qasim Abbas Dhayef, Ahmed Ali Al-Ameeli


       The present study aims to investigate and analyze deictic expression in some selected texts from political debates of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Additionally, it provides an adequate background knowledge for those who are interested in this topic. It hypothesizes that politicians, in their debates, tend to exploit particular types of deictic expressions. In political debate, politicians tend to show certain characteristics of their own with respect to the use of deictic expressions. Logically, the question should be raised, why do they use a certain types of deictic expressions? The results of analyses of deictic expressions show that Trump and Biden tend to use personal deixis, more than other deixis. The reason behind such use is the effect of context requirements that pull together with the political and psychological status of the speakers in which they show their belonging to their community.  

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