Sleep Hygiene and Academic Achievement among University Students in Palestine

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Mu'taz Dreidi , Imad Asmar


The aim of this research was to assess the level of sleep hygiene among the Palestinian universities’ students. A cross-sectional
design was used to approach a sample of 300 undergraduate students to participate in this study from three different Palestinian
universities in Palestine. They were given the demographic and the sleep hygiene questionnaires to be self-administered. The
results showed the mean for academic achievement was 75.7%. Regarding the sleep hygiene, the mean of total score was 79 ± 24.
The mean of the subscales was as follows: distress 57 ± 18, sleep 11 ± 5.6 and the quality of sleep was 11.3 ± 4.5. The resul ts
showed that there were significant differences in gender for distress and academic achievement (p < 0.05). The female students
have more academic achievement and more distress compared with male students. There are also significant differences for the
students who work compared with students who do not across academic achievement (p = 0.002) and sleep (p = 0.047). The
current study showed a mild to moderate distress, and low sleep quality and hygiene. Despite that female student showed higher
level of academic achievement than male students, they still have more distress. This study highlights the importance of this issue
among university students especially that the undergraduate studies is the beginning of independence for those students from
parenting supervision.

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