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Jessica Manosalva-Sandoval, Ana C. Torregroza-Espinosa, Ivan Portnoy, Ligia Maria Castro , Tatiana Arrieta


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented crisis in all socioeconomic areas, including education. Throughout the
world, universities have been forced to shift their traditional teaching techniques towards implementing a variety of emergency
remote teaching approaches. This study aimed to determine the effect that remote education has had on the development of
generic skills in a university from Colombia, South America. This study’s dataset comprised the generic skills scores (from a
standardized test) during the 2018-2020 period. This research used an exploratory analysis, a differential analysis (between the No
COVID vs. COVID scenarios), and a comparative correlation analysis. The results showed that the skill-wise scores increased
significantly during the COVID scenario, indicating that the overall generic skills were strengthened. Such enhancements could be
attributed to the strategies designed and implemented to tackle the pandemic-driven crisis, demonstrating that the crisis can be
overcome with correct and opportune measures.

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