Archaic and historical surgical techniques in neurosurgery:lumbarspinesurgery

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Zygmunt Siedlecki, Karol Nowak,Adam Wróblewski, Sebastian Grzyb, Maciej Śniegocki


Neurosurgery improves treatment methods and surgical techniques. The development of
medical equipment,tools and techniques of surgery leads to better treatment effects and
reduces its invasiveness. This shortens the treatment process, makes it better for patients, and
enables faster and more effective rehabilitation.Thus, it improves the results of
treatment.Lumbar spine diseases (discopathy, stenosis, injuries, cancers) are very common in
the society, and their treatment has been a part of neurosurgery since the 1930s. We argue that
lumbar discopathy / stenosis surgery is the most common procedure performed by
neurosurgeons. This prompted us to review and look at the history of these procedures.We
discuss the surgical techniques of lumbar spine surgery, which were used previously, while in
modern times, due to the development of medicine, the development of implants and
equipment, they are of historical importance or are very rarely used. We remind in this
manuscriptlumbar discectomy performed by wide laminectomy. We also remind of the
archaic spine fusion techniquesusing loops orown bone. We emphasize that by the use a
microscope and modern implants, as well as scientific reports about surgical
techniquesimprovement, nowadays such operations are performed less invasively and for the
benefit of patients.

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