The Effect of Competitive Advantage on Company Performance in the Construction Industry Sector in Indonesia

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Dhiraj Kelly Sawlani , Idris Gautama So, Asnan Furinto, Mohammad Hamsal


This study aims to examine the development and application of the theory of electronic customer relationship management (e-
CRM), project innovation (PI), project organizational culture (BO), and dynamic capability (KD) in increasing competitive advantage (KB). ,
and its implications for business performance (KP), moderated by the size of construction companies in Indonesia. The construction sector
was the fourth largest contributor to gross domestic product in Indonesia in 2016. However, the company's low competitiveness has resulted in
production inefficiency resulting in slower construction growth. This study uses a quantitative method to 200 respondents from PT BCI Asia
through an online questionnaire. Data analysis was performed using structural equation modeling (SEM). Based on this study, it was found
that (1) there was a significant effect of e-CRM, PI, and KD on family planning; (2) there is an effect of PI, BO, and KD on KP, while e-CRM
has no significant effect; (3) there is a significant effect of KB on KP in Indonesian construction companies; (4) KB mediates the effec t of e-
CRM, PI, BO, and KD on KP; and (5) company size moderates the effect of family planning on KP.

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