Organizational Characteristics Influencing AI Adoption In Thai Smes: The Mediating Role Of Marketing Mix In AI Adoption

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Uday Shankar Verma, Sudawan Somjai, Ananta Rusmee


Organizational context refers to the internal characteristics of the organization such as
management, size of company and so forth. The readiness of organization is crucial for the
adoption of new technology. In particular, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) which has
the potential to transform the business. However, not many empirical works have explored the
adoption of AI in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand. The present study explored
the influence of organizational context in the adoption of AI in Thai SMEs and Bangkok
Metropolitan Area in particular where maximum businesses are concentrated. In this study, the
data was collected from 320 respondents employed in different Thai service sector SMEs. To
facilitate this study, a structure with three variables, namely dependent (preparedness of SME),
independent (organizational context) and mediating variable (marketing mix) was developed.
PLS-SEM modelling was utilized to explain the proposed hypothesis. It was revealed that
organisational context, in terms of adoption at leadership and individual level and openness of
SME was effective in the adoption of AI in SME. Further, the mediating role of marketing mix
indicates that use of AI-tools in the marketing strategy will further support the adoption of AI.
The study implies that the probability of adoption of AI at organisational level in SMEs will be
benefitted by a positive attitude towards the technology adoption.

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