A Research On Poor Household Of Coastal Community In South Sulawesi

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Muhammad Idrus Taba et al.


This research aimed to describe the characteristics of poor households including; age, education and main occupation and its relationship to the poor households’ income level of coastal communities in South Sulawesi. Descriptive analysis was used in order to find out a general description of poor households characteristics and Chi-Square Analysis to determine the relationship between social characteristics and poor household income. The results showed that the majority of respondents were in productive age (75 percent), had elementary school level of education (42 percent), and mostly work as fishermen (57.88 percent). Characteristics of age, education and main occupation have a significant relationship to family income. The relationship between socioeconomic characteristics with the level of family income was concluded that in the poor coastal community, productive age, education and occupation, were very important to get a better family income in order to maintain future socioeconomic welfare.

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