Logical and emotional appeals in the messages of the protest movements on the social network

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Ph.D. Assistant ProfessorSattar Jabbar Ghanem , Muhannad Najm Al-Aqabi


In view of the recent developments on the COVID-19 outbreak and in response to the declaration of a Modified Enhanced
Community Quarantine (MECQ) in Laguna by President Rodrigo Duterte through the recommendation of the Inter-Agency
Task Force (IATF), the Laguna State Polytechnic University joins the government to keep the faculty engaged and satisfied in
their job. This descriptive-correlational study investigated the relationship between work engagement, jobsatisfaction, and
work performance of 340 LSPU faculty. The researchers-made online survey instrument was content – validated by experts in
the fields of educational management, quality assurance, statistics,and research.It is highly accepted in terms of
medin the google form, and the extracted data were treated using frequency count, percent, and weighted mean. The multiple
and job satisfaction are important aspects of productivity that affect faculty performance and organizational success.Hence, the
faculty may capitalize on their work engagement and job satisfaction since they are the best predictors of
the teachingforceinmigratingtothenewnormal.
Many protest movements emerged, and with different premises, they used the social network Facebook to spread and market
their ideas in the protests that erupted in Iraq on October 1, 2019, as Iraq was not far from the political changes and social
transformations taking place in the region. The content analysis method was adopted to analyze the sample publications. The
persuasive solicitation of the messages of the protest movements is a set of logical and emotional methods that deal with the
behaviour opposed to the political system, which takes the form of collective protest behaviour and which uses social
networks as a space to express itself in the form of messages consisting of symbols prepared and formulated by the page
owner in an understandable verbal or non-verbal form. For the recipient, which expresses his goals and is indicative of the
means of work, its requirements, and the directions of its paths, with the intent of making changes in it to reach specific
goals. The research community was identified with three pages that were distinguished by several characteristics, including
that they gain importance by the protesters and represent its interface as well as the interactive standard and the percentage of
likes and comments. And these pages are (Steven Nabil, Sheko Mako and Clean Brothers)

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