The discursive image in the Abbasid poetry of the fourth century AH is a choice

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Falah Rahm Rasheid, Assist. Dr. Ahmed AbdUlaalSaeed


The poetic image occupies a special and important importance in the field of poetic formations, because of its clear and clear impact on its construction, because it is the first material and the basis of creative work. A poetic image is a complex structure, the embodiment of the poet's feelings and abstract ideas in a sensual way, in which imagination is the only force that creates the poet, and an important component of his production. It is a joint product of the text creator and receiver. No longer merely an expression of his product's potential; Rather, it has also become the effective revealer of what is in the soul of the recipient, and the catalyst that causes him to make judgments or express attitudes towards the field in which it was issued, in addition to showing the authenticity of the recipient's creator. The text and its product, because it is the only tool that distinguishes the
poet’s poetry from the poetry of others, and the poetic image is one of the basics necessary for understanding the text and linking its context to the historical, political, cultural and social dimensions. , because it develops the living cell within a unified organic entity of art and creativity (1). A poetic image is a drawing with words and the embodiment of the poet's feelings and abstract ideas in a sensual way. Imagination is an important component of its production.

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