Modeling Competitive Marketing Strategies: Niche and Relationship Marketing Strategies in Relation to Firm Performance: A Study of Malaysian Furniture Industry

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Fazli Wadood,2Mohammed Tufail, Fazal Akbar


In the contemporary competitive environment effective marketing strategies are extremely
important for the survival and sustainability. The fundamental marketing objectives are merely to
comprehend and manage customers in order to increase devotion and profitability. The study's
primary goal is to look into the link among niche and relationship marketing strategies and firm
performance. Niche marketing strategy can be measured through adopted items, similarly
relationship marketing strategy also measured through adopted items from previous scholars.
The information was gathered via a questionnaire with a five-point likert type rating scale. A
sample of 190 companies were surveyed from Johor state of Malaysia. For the analysis 147
questionnaires were found valid for further analysis. The connection and significance between
the dependent (firm performance) and independent variables (Niche & Relationship marketing
strategies) were measured using SmartPLS version 3.0.

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