A Stylistic Analysis of Islamophobic features: Prime Minister Imran Khan's Speech at UNGA 2020

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Muhammad Manzoor Alam, Kayenat Shah, Rameen Jabbar


The current paper bases the research upon the analytical techniques of Leech and Short (1981) to perform a comprehensive stylistic analysis of the Islamophobic feature of Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech in the U.N. General Assembly on September 25, 2020. A brief literature review emphasizes the importance of the selected speech and how stylistic analysis opens newer vistas of understanding for researchers. The discipline of stylistics explores the actual and implied meanings of words used in the selected speech. As the use of figurative language is quite evident thus, the address is investigated for the presence of lexical, syntactic, and semantic features in it. The proposed analysis unveils the stylistic reasoning behind Prime Minister Imran Khan's choice of particular words to convey his concern for the Islamophobic tendencies of non-Muslim bodies. A thorough stylistic examination has successfully identified the persuasive attempts of the speech towards its audience.

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