Building a test of kinetic speed to develop the skills of the forehand and backhand for the players of the Mustansiriyah University team in table tennis

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Ghada Mahmoud Jassem, Prof. Dr. Faiza Abdel-Jabbar


The purpose of this paper isto build a special test for kinetic speed in table tennis and to know
the effect of exercises in developing the forehand and backhand strokes in table tennis. Where
the researchers used the experimental method to reach a solution to the problem. The research
community was the students of the College of Physical Education Mustansiriyah University,
the university team players, who numbered (8) players, which constitute (100%) of the total
community. Research the two researchers used observation, references and scientific sources,
personal interviews with experts and specialists, questionnaire form, tests and measurement to
find a solution to the research problem.The researcher used the statistical means (arithmetic
mean, standard deviation, and skew coefficient) and the data were statistically processed with
the statistical bag (Spss), and in light of the results, the following was reached: The special
exercises for the skills of the forehand and backhand strike have a clear impact on the
development of the experimental group, The special exercises to test the kinetic speed led to
the development of the skills of the forehand and backhand. Where the recommendations of
the research were made the necessity of using this test codified by the two researchers among
table tennis players, conducting similar studies in terms of physiological aspects and other

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