Stylistic Semasiology: A Lexico-Semantic Analysis of Nikolai Gogol’s The Overcoat

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Anum Khalid,Ayesha Bakht Cheema, Syeda Iqra Shabbir


Stylistics is the systematic analysis of style in language which is vary from the factors such as
genera, historical background, autobiographical elements and context of a text. It deals with the
analysis of linguistic elements of a text. The present research is devoted toward the stylistic
analysis of Nikolai Gogol’s The Overcoat. It emphasizes on the analysis of the short story, The
Overcoat from stylistic point of view using different tools of linguistics to make it more effective
for the readers. This research is stylistically analysedd by using the Leech and Short model for
stylistic analysis. The purpose of analysing the short story is to examine the linguistics tools used
in the text by the author. The main focus of this study is the discovery of using different
figurative language for understanding its impacts on the readers. The teachers and students of
English Literature regard stylistics as worth mentioning scientific discipline. Stylistic analysis of
any piece of writing makes writing very easy to understand and readers to comprehend the
hidden meanings of the text and the intentions of the writer. For understanding of the complex
meanings used by the author stylistic plays a vital role. In the field of study as well as for
speaking stylistics has its own importance which cannot be ignored. Stylistics can help to a
logical and scientific understanding of the literary texts based on linguistic evidence by using its
tools and methods of linguistics. The purpose of this research is to explore language and the
creativity in language use. Studies of language can be divided into two main areas; studies of
structure and studies of language use.

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