Boost Student Entrepreneurship Intention: An Overview Theory of Planned Behavior

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Suadi Sapta Putra, et al.


This study examines increasing entrepreneurial student intentions in a Theory of Planned Behavior (TBP) review. A review of entrepreneurial intention is the intention that exists in a person to take entrepreneurial actions that can be measured using TPB, through 3 (three) aspects of behavior, namely: attitudes towards behavior, aspects of subjective norms, and aspects of Perceived Behavioral entrepreneurial intentions which concerns aspects of one's personality, Sociological which concerns the relationships problem with family Control. This study uses a descriptive qualitative method by finding studies that show 3 (three) factors forming the personal and other social relationships and environmental which concerns the relationship with the environment. The study recommendations among others are to increase student entrepreneurship intentions to do research on student intentions by using TPB and to obtain novelty Theory of Planned Behavior in analyzing entrepreneurial intentions, it is necessary to do research with more complex variables.

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