Devastating Impacts of Generation Gap in Michele Hutchison’s The Discomfort of Evening: A Postmodernist View

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AishaBibi, Dr. Sahibzada Aurangzeb,Mehvish Bashir


The current research article deals with devastating impacts in The Discomfort of Evening. The
generation gap has been an issue that is rising in most parts of the world. It also highlights to
investigate the generation gap by identifying the various factors which increase or decrease
the gap. The problems are identified through postmodernist approach. The devastating
impacts of generation gap in family structure in a society which is created by the writer as
distorted relations with meaninglessness in modern society. The postmodern issues regarding
parents and children relationship, restlessness, fear, and desire for death to show
meaninglessness of life through lack of communication.The paper recommends further
studies in this line where different generations would be engaged more to share knowledge
and values and mitigate risks of further gap widening, while solving their socioeconomic

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