The Dichotomy of Present and Past in Khalid Husseini’s The Kite Runner: A Chronotopicview

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Merwa Aalum,Dr. Sahibzada Aurangzeb,Fatima Malik


The present study analyzed the novel of KhalidHosseini'sThe Kite Runner using
Bakhtin’s concept of diasporic chronotopes to highlight the role of the diasporic present
and past, physical and mental chronotopes in shaping and reshaping the present. The
study was carried out through an analysis of cultural values of indigenous and the host
culture of Amir who represents the problems of identity crisis of the migrant of diaspora
communities. The study found that the memory is an unavoidable factor that leads the
diasporic people like Amir to live in the present by travelling into the past, physically
and psychologically. Moreover, the study highlighted that the diasporic experiences
promote cultural and identity conflict making the diasporas into hybrid products. The
study concludes that the problem resulting from the diasporic experiences are the buy
product, but being diaspora is not always a problem. Amir’s journey subtly stresses that
the newly acquired cultural values are compatible with the indigenous culture and values
system.This article identified new areas in literary piece which is beneficial for the
scholars and learners to understand the text with new touch. The current research will
create room for the future scholars to select the same literary piece while identify new
elements in Afghan culture or adopted culture.

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