The Problem of Realizing for Right to Health in Context of Social Justice Theories

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Hüseyin Arı, Farshad Ganji


This article includes theoretical discussions related exercising of the right to health in context of social justice conceptions. The main research issue is to present new perspectives by scrutinizing past experiences in order to how to realize right to health fairly in terms of economic and social. In this regard, Egalitarian, Liberal, Utilitarian and Communitarian Justice Understandings was synthesized with the right to health. The results of the synthesis was interpreted in context of delivering and financing of health services. Health system based on public is demanded because healthcare services are accepted as social right. However, there are some problems for fulfillment of responsibilities concerning healthcare services. The top of these problems is that cost of healthcare services for governments have been rising and social justice perception have been bruised. Developed new approach of this article is to reveal the opinion that the right to health and the right for benefiting from healthcare services may be different concepts.

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