The The reality of sports injuries as a result of training and competition among the players of the Basketball Premier League in Iraq

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Dr. Ahmed Aboodee Hussein


The purpose of this paper is to identifying the reality of sports injuries suffered by basketball
players for the Premier League in Iraq and their cause. As for the research methodology, it was
represented by using the descriptive approach, where the questionnaire was used as a tool for
collecting data, while the research community was represented by the basketball players who represent
the Iraq Basketball Clubs League, which numbered (125) players for clubs (Al-Tadamon, Al-Shorta,
Al-Khtoot, Al-Hilla, Naft, Al-Hashd, Basra Oil, North Oil, Adhamiya, Electricity, Zakho, North Gas)
and they represent the research community, i.e. 100%. They were chosen in a deliberate way. The
researchers used the spss statistical program to extract its results. The most important conclusions
reached by the researcher are: Basketball is one of the most common injuries that occur, exaggeration
by coaches during training is one of the important causes of injuries, the intensity of sports
competition is one of the direct causes of sports injuries. Under the conclusions obtained by the
researcher recommends the following, emphasis on the physical qualities and abilities associated with
the good performance of the players, emphasizing the medical examinations of the players periodically
to avoid injuries , and conducting accredited and scientific courses for trainers in the science of
training in all aspects

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