An analysis of the goals of Islamic education in Pakistan with regard to promoting social harmony

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Dr.Syed Mahmood –Ul Hassan Hashimi, Dr.Hafiz Muhmmad Arshad Iqbal, Dr .Ghulum Safoora , Dr.Syed Noor Ul Hassan Hashmi, Saba Bukhari


A major issue for Pakistan is the absence of opportunities for secularism and religious plurality. The expansion of Islamic doctrine throughout Pakistan's educational system is one of the country's biggest problems. Since the first military. dictatorship in Pakistan's history in the 1960s, numerous. Policy decisions have been made that have directly contributed to the current condition of affairs. The effects of Islamization, statutory and constitutional law, and the educational. system are all investigated. This study found that Pakistan's educational system gives. Muslims a higher priority than generating informed global citizens. The study here concludes. that intolerance and contempt for the country's. religious diversity are fostered by Pakistan's educational. system. It also promotes. militancy, violence., intolerance., and bias towards one's own. Countrymen.

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