The contribution of EMDR to psychotherapists’ training in the alliance : A quasi-experimental study

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Plantade-Gipch, A. Rotonda, C. & Tarquinio, C


This study aims at showing that EMDR training can influence psychotherapists’ ability to build and develop therapeutic alliances at an early stage of psychotherapy. Three groups of psychotherapists were compared: 6 trained in EMDR only, 4 trained in EMDR and another therapeutic method, and 10 trained in other therapeutic methods. The results show a strong improvement in the scores of the patients in the Working Alliance Inventory - more specifically in the agreement on the therapeutic goals - when the patients worked with a psychotherapist trained in EMDR. The study underlines the relevance of the EMDR training to help the professional reflect on the therapeutic direction, and the care plan, and negotiate these with the patient. To sustain the therapeutic progress, the present study also suggests the relevance for all psychotherapists to acquire directionality skills, as it is done in EMDR.

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