Rational Forms And Methods Of Learning In Creative Universities Of Uzbekistan

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Antonina Kosheleva, Shakhnoza Sabirova, Timur Sabirov


The purpose of the article is to outline the most effective forms and methods of teaching in universities of a creative nature in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The authors of the article pay serious attention to the current forms of education in an innovative manner. The article presents educational forms of training in creative universities, which are used in Uzbekistan and have proven their effectiveness in training.                    A special place is given to the forms and means of teaching, the orientation of teaching to a creative audience, the use of innovative methods that have proven their rationality in the process of educating creative workers that meet modern requirements for specialists in creative professions in modern conditions.         The authors focused their attention on the problems of forming a harmoniously developed personality in the educational process of creative universities. The results of the research consist in the scientific and theoretical study and identification from the pedagogical point of view of the problems of forming a harmonious personality in the educational space. New approaches have been studied and applied in the education of Uzbekistan; favorable conditions for the effective development of the creative potential of students are highlighted.          When considering the peculiarities of the educational process in creative universities, a special place was given to the creation of mechanisms for flexible thinking in students, in which the ability to vary the methods of solving various creative problems arises, to choose the most optimal ways to solve them, to find the most original forms of embodiment.

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