Margin Analysis And Marketing Efficiency Of Dendrobium Orchid Plant

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Tri Waluyo et al.


The results, it can be concluded:The marketing channel for dendrobium orchids which is formed in Ragunan OrchidGarden, South Jakarta consists of 4 (four) forms, namely: Farmers - Consumers, Farmers - Retailers - Consumers, Farmers - Large Traders - Consumers and finally Farmers - Large Traders - Retailers – Consumers. The marketing margin of dendrobium orchids obtained by retailers with a reference market in Bekasi has the highest value of Rp. 15,000.00 per pot. While the marketing margin of the dendrobium orchid obtained by retailers with the reference market in Jakarta also has the highest value of Rp. 17,500.00 per pot.The marketing channel from farmers directly to consumers has the highest marketing efficiency that is equal to 50%.

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