A Study on Inception and Growth of Cartoons in Print Media

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Dr. Priyadarshini Kiran, Dr. Lokesh Sharma, Mr. Gulshan Kumar


The research primarily aims at studying the beginning and growth of cartoons in print media, with our focus limited to India. Cartoons here include various forms like political satire, comic strips, gag cartoons, etc. The researchers will take into consideration different types of print media including mainly newspapers and magazines. Even after the emergence of new media and the trend of animations and graphics, cartoons in print still hold a special position. The paper highlights the impact and influence of these cartoons on the people of different ages and classes. An emphasis has been given on the current state of these cartoons in print; its use and effectiveness in the present scenario. The obstacles faced by the cartoon culture in print and the reasons for its decline have also been discussed. Also, a few potential solutions have been suggested at the end. This is a qualitative research and uses both primary and secondary data. For secondary data collection, old interviews, different websites, old research papers, articles and journals have been used. On the other side, primary data has been collected through a questionnaire answered by 122 participants, consisting of the people who are a regular audience of print media. This was mainly to determine the current trend and the way people perceive these cartoons in the present times.

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