Psychological Behaviour of Women in Today’s Scenario

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Ramandeep Kaur, Manish Kumar, Rishabh Chalotra, Neeru, Manpreet Singh, Shruti Aggarwal


Women’s play an important role in our society. The most important role is as a caretaker, she takes care of the family, children, and husband. From carrying a child for 9 months in her womb, breastfeeding to her children, to menstruation cycle every month, and a lot more. Women suffer a lot. We should take care of them, but we don’t even consider them equal to men. Women are not given equal opportunity as men, even right to vote was given roughly 100 years ago 1919 in US. Women’s are paid less as compare to men, according to a report personal care items for women’s are charged 7% higher than normal it is also known as pink tax, women’s are far more likely be the victims of human trafficking, 1 in 3 females worldwide have been subjected to either physically or sexual violence, etc. There is huge gender-based inequality in our society. There is also very less representation of women in government. A lot of rapes happen every day throughout world. These reasons effect the physiological behavior of women, women can’t go outside at night in some countries, due to risk of crimes against them, the most famous incident of a 23-year-old girl named Damini in Delhi (India) she was gang raped and murdered, which shook the country. Due to these incidents, there is huge distress in women to go outside alone in dark, but due to domestic violence too, it causes them feel so much stress leading to serious health problems and long-term stress sometimes lead to suicide. Situations like covid-19 lockdown made the lives of women more miserable, as it was estimated, there were 30% rise in domestic violence. What is the purpose of so much success of human Race if half of the population lives in fear and distress?

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