Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instructional Technology Module (CAITM) in Learning Chemistry at Higher Secondary Level

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Dr.C.S.Edhayavarman , Mr.M.Hayath Oogos Mohaideen, Dr.A.Vanitha, Dr.S.Amutha


     Modular instruction is one of the methods of individualized instruction. It helps the students to accomplish certain well defined objective through a module which is a self-contained Instructional package. The technology module gives opportunities for learning from animated objects. Multimedia simulations can penetrate more and leave permanent learning in the cognitive domain. The technology module provides self motivation to the learners, so that they can gain better knowledge with the best style of learning. Thus, a proper use of the technology module could stimulate effective learning among learners, the researcher has chosen the topic in order to help the learners to learn chemistry according to their own pace and ability

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