The Effect of Financial Distress, Firm Growth, and Previous Year’s Opinion on The Firm’s Going Concern Opinion

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Amiruddin, Grace T. Pontoh, Marina Lauren


This research aims to examine and determine the impact of financial distress, firm growth, and opinion on previous year to firms‘going concern. The study was carried on service companies that are listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange during 2015-2017. A total of 210 samples were selected using the purposive sampling method. This research utilizes secondary data in the form of the firm’s financial statements and independent auditor’s reports. This research utilized logistic regression analysis to process the data. Results showed that financial distress and previous year’s opinion has significantly affect the firm’s going concern audit opinion while the firm growth has no substantial impact on the firm’s going concern audit opinion. Simultaneously, financial distress, firm growth, and previous year's opinion significantly affected the firm's going concern opinion.

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