Analysis of Sharia Performance Disclosures at Islamic Banks

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Ahim Abdurahim


The purpose of this study is to analyze the ability of financial statements prepared based on PSAK Syariah in disclosing information related to sharia performance. Research uses a qualitative approach and phenomenological techniques to analyze data. Data obtained by documentations, observationsand interviews. Informants were selected using the purposeful and snow balling methods. The informants used were directors, managers, accounting staff at Bank Barakah Sejahtera, Sharia Supervisory Board, OJK supervisors and National Sharia Board. The results showed that the financial statements prepared based on the PSAK Sharia could be analyzed to measure financial performance but could not be analyzed to measure sharia performance. The results of this study provide recommendations to the Indonesian Sharia Accounting Standards Board to review the Basic Framework of the Preparation and Presentation of Sharia Financial Reports.

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