Economics Consequence of Financial Accounting Standards for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

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Gagaring Pagalung et al.


The purpose of the research is to examine deeply how new financial accounting standards of micro, small and medium enterprises (SAK EMKM) can be accepted and implemented by micro, small and medium entreprisesin South Sulawesi.The results of this implementation review will produce an overview of how the entrepreneurs react to the emergence of the new SAK EMKM.Research method conducted is to conduct a survey of 40 entities by conducting interviews in-depth and displaying the results of the interviews in the form of an implementation of the object in the in curating Financial statements.Results showed that most of the accounting records performed are very simple in the form of daily accounting records (journals) and even most have not to conduct minimal accounting records such as daily journals. Only one small entity performs complete accounting records in the form of a full financial statement.

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