A Model of Competitiveness of Coastal Women's Micro-Small Businesses in South Sulawesi

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Nursini Nursini, Muhammad Abduh Ibnu Hadjar, Sri Undai Nurbayani


This study aims to analyze the competitiveness of small micro business for coastal women and to design a model for increasing the competitiveness of their businesses. The research analysis units were a woman or group of women who run small micro-enterprises taking raw materials from fisheries and marine products. Primary data and secondary data were analyzed through descriptive statistical approaches. The findings of this study include (1) in generally, the competitiveness of women's Small Micro Enterprises (WSMEs) living on the coast which was still relatively low caused by the limited coverage of market and the too simple technology production. (2) a model of increasing competitiveness for women's SMEs based on a systems was required. To improve the competitiveness of small micro-business products for women living on the coast, there should be an effective synergy of programs offered by competent institutions such as universities, business, government, financial, and community.

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