The Effect of Work Experience, Motivation, and Culture on Auditor Performance Mediated by Self Efficacy

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Asri Usman, Andi Kusumawati, Arifuddin Mannan


This study aims to examine the effect of work experience, motivation, and culture on auditor performance by mediating self efficacy. This study uses a quantitative approach. This research was conducted at the Inspectorate of Maros Regency and the Inspectorate of Makassar City. Data obtained using the survey instrument method used in the form of a questionnaire. The research sample of 60 respondents who in the sample using a purposive sampling method. Data were analyzed using multiple regression methods. The results showed that (1) work experience influenced auditor performance; (2) motivation affects the auditor's performance; (3) culture influences auditor performance; and (4) work experience, motivation, and culture influence the auditor's performance which is mediated by self efficacy.

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