The Effect of Mental Maps to Develop the Sensory Memory of the Skill of Starting Free Swimming and Achieving (50) Freestyle Meters

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Moheb Hamid Raja


This study aims to show the importance of the mental map for the skill of starting the learner in free swimming.It also Identifies the importance of the mental map to develop the sensory memory in starting from the platform in free swimming and achieving (50) meters.There are statistically significant differences for the research sample in favor of the experimental group. In this group,the mental map is used to develop the perceptual memory of the skill of starting free swimming.   The researcher used the experimental approach in a controlled equal group method with two pre and post tests. This approach suits the nature of the problem. The research population was first grade students and the research sample was the students who know free swimming at Tikrit University for the academic year 2018-2019. The sample was divided into control and experimental groups, six students in each group. The students knew freestyle swimming and did not learn to start from the platform, and the researcher used the statistical method of SPSS for the purpose of data processing.

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