Obstacles of Developing Critical Thinking Skills for Early-Stage Children from the Female Teachers’ Point of View in Saudi Arabia

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Dr. Sabrin Abdelaty Labib Abdelaty et al.


The purpose of the current research was to identify the obstacles of the development of critical thinking skills for the early stage child from the point of view of female teachers in Saudi Arabia. The sample of the research consisted of (120) teachers of early childhood, randomly selected in the cities of Dammam and Riyadh. The descriptive/qualitative method was used, and the questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting search data after verifying its suitability for application and consisted of (44) individuals in its final form for four basic domains. The research reached several results: The research sample approved the third domain: the obstacles of kindergarten management by a percentage of (75.40%), the sample of the research approved the second domain: the obstacles of the classroom environment and the curriculum, by a percentage of (73.60%), as well as the research sample approved the fourth domain: the obstacles of the kindergarten teacher by a percentage of (70.60%), and also approved the first domain: disabilities related to the characteristics and mental needs of the child by a percentage of (66.40%).The results also indicated that there were no statistically significant differences at the level (0.05) in the domains of the questionnaire about the obstacles of developing critical thinking skills for an early stage child from the point of view of the this stage teachers due to the change of the city (Dammam and Riyadh). The research recommended the need to put the child in a new educational experience in accordance with the characteristics of his/her development and needs, enrich the educational staff with innovative means and activities that address the higher thinking skills, appreciate the outstanding professional competencies, and increase the rewards and incentives for the teachers of the stage.

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