Communication Strategies in Providing Good Government Education Through Social Media: A Case Study at the Parliament of the Republic of Indonesia

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Anindya Larasati, Achmad Jamil, Rizki Briandana


Objective: To analyze the communication strategy of the parliament of the Republic of Indonesia in providing good government education through social media.Methods: Case studies are used as a method in this research, and data collection techniques using in-depth interviews. The basis for selecting informants used a purposive technique by looking at the criteria for informants.Results:The results showed that the communication strategy implemented by the DPR-RI has shown success in educating the public regarding good govenment. The strategy of the parliament's news bureau to absorb the information needed by the public regarding the performance of the parliament is an important key to success.Conclusion: The good governance through Instagram social media was very effective in publishing the performance of leaders and members of the parliament.

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