Poetic Updates In Uzbek Literature (On The Example Of Prose Masterpiece)

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Khamrakulova Khurshida Kuvvatovna


As a result of the renewal of national thinking, the events of life and the principles of the approach to the human person in Uzbek prose also changed and began to take on new forms.  In a number of prose works, we find images of courageous people who have not lost their identity and faith over the years.  At the same time, we are confronted with those who, under ideological pressure, have turned to "modernity", apostatized, deceived and become servants of a deceptive and violent ideology.  We see that the hypocrisy inherent in such images is portrayed in all its horrors.  It can be seen that in Uzbek prose works the attempt to reflect the unique nature, unique world, past and feelings of the nation has become a certain aesthetic principle, and such positive research serves as a basis for significant growth in prose.  The works we have analyzed not only renew epic thinking in one way or another, but also serve as a basis for the emergence of new trends, currents and directions in literary life.  As a result, it influences the development of socio-spiritual and artistic aesthetic thinking.

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