The Legislative Confrontation Of The Cyber Stalking Crime: A Comparative Study

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Dr. Fahad Alkasasbeh, Dr. IbtIsam Al Saleh


This study examined the legislative confrontation of the cyber stalking crime and focused on how the Jordanian legislator and the comparative regulations confront this modern crime. In addition, the study used the descriptive methodology that relies on describing the legal texts of the legal framework and it also used the analytical methodology in order to reach a correct adaptation of this crime. On the other hand, the study used the comparative methodology when conducting comparison among the comparative legal texts.  Accordingly, due to the severe impact of harassment on man and the fact that it is considered the most common and widespread phenomenon after the emergence of information technology, many western legislations have been interested in confronting and criminalizing it in contrast to the Jordanian legislator and the comparative Arab legislations that have not yet examined the text of this crime and the threat is represented mostly in such act. The act threat of harassment that we deal with including the newly developed Arab legislations regarding is concerned in combating cybercrime.

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