The rule "Al'aadah Muhakkamah" (Tradition was basic of law) and its impact on Jordanian social customs; COVID-19 model

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Loiy Ahmad Al-Sheyab et al.


This study aims to shed light on social phenomena and find out the implications for society, as this study is the first - to the extent of my knowledge - especially since it was researched from a legitimate perspective and the development of solutions and treatment them. However, societies stuck to them despite their negative effects,to come virus Covid 19 to change the compass. The study addressed the role of the jurisprudential rule "habit" in dealing with social phenomena in the time of Covid19, in an attempt to identify the aspects of these phenomena and know the extent of these phenomena and their causes and effects, to find a clear vision in societies by determining the extent of the penetration of these phenomena and their impact. However, the applications of these phenomena in the time of Covid 19 made the research and its results mainly in taking preventive and therapeutic measures and adhering to what is said by The Shariah, and the ability of societies to see these phenomena and customs. The study provided suggestions to ensure the continued elimination of these phenomena and overburdened habits, which were overcome in Covid 19.

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