Criminal Law Protection of Human Life and Prevention of Murder in Uzbekistan (On the Example of Women)

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Khurshida Mirziyatovna Abzalova


In the world, protection of the rights and interests of the individual is one of the priority areas for improving legislation. In this process, a special role is played by criminal legislation, which is designed to ensure the protection of human life as the most valuable object of criminal law protection. The fight against crimes against life, in particular murder, is the highest priority for judicial and law enforcement agencies. In this regard, the adoption of effective measures to counter deliberate killings, the study of the causes and conditions that contribute to their Commission, as well as the identity of the killer are of great scientific and practical importance. According to statistics provided in the UN Global Study on Homicide report for 2019, the number of murders per 100,000 people in El Salvador is 61.8, in Brazil-30.5, in Russia-10.82, in Switzerland-5.35, in Uzbekistan-3, Finland-1.42, in the UK-1.2[1]. All this indicates the need to pay special attention to effective criminal law protection of human life.

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