A Journey to Cherish; How Transformational Leadership Affects Project Success through Team Performance

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Hina Saleem et al.


Purpose: The study aims to explain the role of transformational leadership style in mediating team performance and its affect on project success.Approach/Methodology/Design: The method of determining the sample used is random sampling. The study population is construction companies in Pakistan. The sample used was a size of230subordinates as respondents. Data collection is done through survey by distributing questionnaires offline that have been tested for validity and reliability. The data analysis technique used is the SEM-PLS Analysis.Findings: The results showed that transformational leadership variable positively and significantly affects project success.Transformational leadership has a positive relationship with team performance and team performance also has a positive relation with project success. This study also proves the direct and indirect affect of transformational leadership on project success.Practical Implication: Therefore, transformational leadership provides a clear understanding to improve rate of project success and team performance.Originality/Value:Increasing team performance strategy can significantly mediate the affect of transformational leadership on project success in construction sector of Pakistan.

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