Assessment Strategies And Feedback Practices By College Instructors: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Mario Colega Oli


This paper described the different classroom assessment strategies, determined the extent of implementation of feedback and tested the differences between respondentsclassification group on the feedback practicesimplemented by the College Instructors on the class performance of their students.It made used of quantitative-descriptive and cross-sectional research design. The data were provided by 51 Instructors chosen systematically and 312 IT students selected through stratified sampling. The findingsreported that the instructors have always practiced the giving of class recitation, seatwork and teacher-made quiz in which these were confirmed by their students’ responses.After these assessments were evaluated, the Instructors have always provided feedback as they promptly return the papers of their students to correct major issues or misconceptions and to serve as guide for students on where to go next and what to focus on. Further, they too provide feedback orally to the whole class when there is so much information for them to read. Moreover, the Instructors regardless of employment status and subject taught have the same feedback practices despite that not all of them have earned Education units. This best practices of the Instructors in using different assessment strategies and the provision of feedback have contributed to the academic achievement of the students as this will guide not only them but more so their students, on what to improve and focus on. Among all the factors for an effective feedback, timeliness has always been practiced by all the IT Instructors.However, the extent of implementation of giving feedback practiced by Non-major Instructors as assessed by students and self-rating of Non-major Instructors, and the evaluation of the feedback practices made the Non-major and major Instructors are statistically significant.Hence, a deeper investigation is needed to confirm the present finding as regards the differences on the implementation of feedback by the Major and Non-major Subject Instructors in Information Technology. 

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