The development of “Chok” local plant in kind of palm to "Jungsui" Creative dance uniform in Thailand

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Sawit Pongvat, Yuttapong Tonpradoo, Jenasama Srihirun


This research aimed to 1) study the history of “Chok” local plant in kind of palm 2) The development of the “Chok” local plant in kind of palm to Jungsui to creative dance uniform. This research was conducted by qualitative methods including data collection were documentary research, observation, in-depth interviews and two focus groups with stakeholders. Content analysis was applied to analyst the research. The finding shown that 1) The “Chok” was a local southern plant with a growth period of about 15 - 20 years  2) Mining miners have created wisdom by bringing “Chok” local plant in kind of palm that it was not invented to “Jungsui” Creative dance uniform because it was resistant to wear to prevent rain. By discovering the steps of the invention of the seven steps. 3) Phang Nga province had a variety of local plants. However, Expanding tourism made the encroachment of natural areas. So., Local ecosystems and plants were destroyed. While, some local plants that were worthless. Beneficial of "Choke" was applied to create an economies at both micro and macro levels and able to maintain the inventive local Thai wisdom knowledge the "Jungsui" when applied to craftsmanship and creative costume.

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