Online Instructional Activities for Creative Internet Use of Tertiary Students in Thailand

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Wichian Sanmee, Niraj Ruangsan, Prapas Kaewketpong


The research aims to study the development of the online instructional activities) for creative internet use of the tertiary students (OIA) in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Khon Kaen Campus (MCUKK), Thailand. The objective of this study therefore is to examine the OIA which researchers have built to use with 30 undergraduate students, selected by a Cluster Sampling in the Faculty of Education. The data collection of this study was conducted by means of both quantitative and qualitative research instruments. The research results are as follows: 1) the OIA consists of the following procedures: (1) planning and orientating the learning activities, (2) motivating to use the internet with creativity, (3) fostering students to create leaning purposes and self-evaluation, (4) presenting individual methods of internet use, (5) presenting the ways to use the internet with creativity, (6) fostering Inquiry-Based Learning, (7) presenting given tasks from selected situations, (8) evaluating by using a sociometry technique and (9) summarizing the aspects of the internet use. Also, the finding reveals the students were very satisfied with the OIA and the positive behaviors of the learners in using the internet with creativity

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