The Use of Board Games to Develop English Vocabulary of Ornamental and Flowering Plants Sold in the Community of Primary 5 (Grade 5) Students at Nikornradburana School, Thailand

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Montchatry Ketmuni, Pattaralee Naenon


This research was under the U-School Mentoring 2020 Project. The research purposes were 1) to develop English vocabulary of ornamental and flowering plants sold in the community by using board games, 2) to study the learning retention after using board games, and 3) to study the students’ satisfaction toward learning by using board games. The samples in this research were 10 Primary 5 (Grade 5) students of Nikornradburana School, Pathum Thani, Thailand in academic year 1/2020. The research instruments were 10 lesson plans; pretest, posttest and learning retention tests; and a satisfaction questionnaire. The data were analyzed by frequency, mean, standard deviation, and Wilcoxon signed rank test.

The research results showed that the posttest achievement scores were higher than the pretest achievement scores at statistically significant level of .05. In addition, the learning retention scores were higher than the posttest scores at statistically significant level of .05. Moreover, it was found that the students’ satisfaction was at a high level ( = 2.83, S.D. = 0.12).

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