Non - Native Speakers Motivation in Learning English as Second Language

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Dr. Kampol Navun et al.


The demand for a good communication is the basis for every language learning activity, regardless of the language being learned. Studies on language leaning have shown that motivation is a key role, which moves a learner towards attaining proficiency in the goal language. The target of studying may be communicative, linguistic, materialistic or academic. It could also take from the need to improve one’s linguistic skills already acquired, in order to be a more competent user of the language and to be better communicator. In this situation, as a cognitive factor motivation plays an important role in learning English as a second or a Foreign language.  The objective of this present article analyzes the motivation in learning English as second language of non - native speakers. The non - native speakers are from different social and educational backgrounds. The results of the study show that motivation is an important portion which language learning and varies with individual learners. What triggers motivation is the focus of the study that takes a few interesting attitudes of the leaners to limelight.

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