A Model of Creative Thinking Enhancement for Teachers in Primary Schools under Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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Phra Choosak Thiradhammo (Laoheng) et al.


Objectives of this research are 1) to study the creative state of teachers, 2) to develop a model for promoting creativity for teachers, 3) to propose a creative promotion model for primary school teachers. Mixed methods research is used for the design. Quantitative research data has been collected from 205 samples whereas qualitative data has been collected by interviewing 10 key informants and holding focus group discussion held with 9  experts. Results found that the teachers had high opinions on their creativity namely experience in teaching and thinking and practice to learn and try to stimulate knowledge. Teachers can always listen to other people's opinions for a reason, bringing old knowledge to think modifying and apply it to something new interested in teaching in the 21st century, teaching by using google classroom, confident in thinking, making decisions to do things. To achieve the goals set can adapt to suit various situations and environments for teachers with creative features, including being active in thinking. Flexible thinking initiates curiosity, confidence in oneself with 5 activities to promote creativity of teachers offers a model to promote creativity for primary school teachers. There are 4  parts: part 1, the lead part is environment, policy, vision, mission, principle, objective. Part 2, a model consisting of 5 aspects of creativity, namely, thinking fluency, flexible thinking including 5 activities for the development of thinking fluency, activities for developing flexible thinking, activities for developing initiative. Part 3, the application process is decision structure on the principle of success. Part 4, conditions for success, it depends on the context of the primary school.

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