A Model of High Efficient Academic Administration for Phrapariyatidhamma School

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Phramaha Padet Chirakulo et al.


The purposes of this research were 1) to study the state of area, high efficient academic administration of Phrapariyattidhamma school, 2) to develop and propose the high efficient academic administration of Phrapariyattidhamma school. The mixed research methods; quantitative research and quantitative research were used and research tools were interview form and questionnaires. Results indicated that 1) the status of academic administration in Phrapariyattidhamma schools, was at a high appropriate level in 5 aspects. 2) In development of high efficient academic administration, personnel consisting of administrators, teachers, staffs and student must be developed in 6 aspects: 1) The curriculum must be continuously adjusted according to community contexts. 2) A new body of knowledge must be created in teaching and learning system. 3) Media and instruments must be up-to-date and can be accessed unlimitedly. 4) Teachers and staffs must create teaching innovation and generate the knowledge to community. 5) Learning area must cover academic, career training and ways to live a life for every level of people. 6) Learning sources must support physical, mental, moral and ethical values of society. The form of high efficient academic administration consisted of 5 aspects in academic administration and 6 aspects of high efficient qualification as 5A 6Q Model.

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